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Hosszú évek óta napi, közvetlen kapcsolatban állunk ügyfeleinkkel. Közel 20 éves működésünk alatt egyre gyakrabban tapasztaljuk, hogy ügyfeleink olyan természetes, termékeket és étrend kiegészítőket keresnek, amelyek segítenek leküzdeni a mindennapi egészségi problémákat!.

Core is our experience that stress, fast-paced lifestyle has a negative impact on our health. This in turn encourages us to include natural foods and dietary supplements offers us that we are welcome and we consume daily.
It is believed that thousands of years without any preservation methods that were in use until the middle of the last century, a collection of experience that should not be the principle we have.
A healthy products without preservatives, never go out of fashion.
“In the winter it often ill and prescribed medication has always hurt my stomach. I read that if vitamins are introduced in addition to our food, we become more resistant to diseases. The Elixíriumra found him on the Internet and tried it. I started to take each day at the beginning of autumn and winter double dose consumed. Oz, got away with a mild colds in the winter. And in addition, I feel much better every day. I had to take the fall this year as well. “
Z. Krisztina, Debrecen, kozmetikus
“My son fights a constant sinus inflammation and many antibiotics are to be collected when a patient. Antibiotics are often due to abdominal pain and visibly weakened resistance to disease. I heard an acquaintance of csicsókáról that if medication helps to restore the intestinal flora. I started to give my son a little less and drugs have you. And last year was less patient. I recommend to everyone, Jerusalem artichokes, who are taking a lot of medicine. “
Nagy Zoltánné, Újfehértó, édesanya
“I am at least 60 years of age and more often had problems with the prosztatámmal. I went naturopath and she suggested that I try the pumpkin seeds. Slightly I disliked him because I did not believe that it will help. My wife and I really recommend reading followed by others. Keresgettünk the internet and we found the pumpkin seed honey. I already use for a year and a much milder symptoms. I hope you do not have to go to a doctor for a long time. “
T. János, Kiskunfélegyháza, nyugdíjas
“Unfortunately, because of life together to eat, and often unhealthy stuff and I’m quite stressful. After an overall assessment, they told me that my blood sugar is higher than allowed. The doctor said if you are not careful, this could be diabetes. At first I did not take seriously, but then many of my friends also warned that things become serious. I did not want to take medicine, so I asked a friend of mine. He recommended me to the Jerusalem artichoke, because if you have diabetes and prevention is good. I do not really trust him, but I have a chance. 3 months later I went to a blood test. It was a completely normal value of the sugar. I was surprised, but I decided that I continue to use the Jerusalem artichoke. “
B. Zsolt, Békés


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